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Campus map

For the locations of buildings and facilities, please see the NTU campus map.

Facilities and services

Computer and Internet

24-hour computer room

The Computer and Information Networking Center provides 24-hour computer rooms. Students must use their ID cards to pass the gate control. Users can surf the Internet and run various kinds of application software. Both black and color laser printing is supported. We grant each student TWD 100 for free printing each semester. Once this free quota is used up, students must pay for printing. Browsing pornographic web sites or playing games is prohibited. Violating the rules will result in the suspension of access rights.


Every student at NTU possesses 300 MB of web space, and an e-mail account in the form of “student ID” As all important school announcements and academic information will be sent to this account, please make sure you have access to this account and check your mail box regularly for your own benefit.

To activate your account and modify the password, please refer to ( Your account is your student ID number, such as b95101001, starting with a lowercase letter. Your password is preset as "a" plus your "birth date", such as "a + MMDD". ) This is also the account which you will use to authenticate several online services at NTU.

NTU Campus Wireless LAN Services

Faculties, staff and students of NTU can access the NTU campus wireless network. To gain access to the “ntu” network, log in with your NTU e-mail account and password. You will need to log in each time you would like to connect through this network.

To gain access to the "ntu_peap" network, a separate registration with another username is required. Unlike the “ntu” network, your device will automatically connect to the “ntu_peap” network after configuration.

Configuration details:
Borrow a wireless LAN card: ( only available in Chinese )


The University Library System comprises 6 major branch libraries, including Main Library, Social Sciences Library, Law Library, Medical Library, Gallery of NTU History, and Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center. Main Library is the main and the largest library on campus. In addition to libraries located at the Main Campus, Medical Library located at the Downtown Campus is also open to all students. Some departments such as Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, and Department of Chemistry have their own branch libraries. For more information, visit NTU Library.

Sport courts

NTU provides a variety of sports facilities, including a track and field, as well as courts and sports grounds for basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, tennis, baseball, softball, handball, etc. NTU students can borrow basketballs, volleyballs, badminton racquets and birdies, and other sports equipment by temporarily turning in their student ID card at the Gymnasium.

The sports center also provides a large number of high-end indoor sports facilities, including a weight training room, badminton courts, table tennis courts, dance rooms and basketball courts, and a heated swimming pool.

For more information, please click Sports Center. ( only in Chinese )

For the locations of the sports facilities, please refer to NTU campus map.

Transportation Information

Most international flights land at Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). The journey from Taoyuan International Airport to central Taipei is about 40 kilometers.

From Option Route Time (estimate) Fare (estimate)
Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) Taxi rank is located outside the Arrivals Lobby 20min TWD 250
   Take MRT Wenshan-Neihu Line (文湖線) to Technology Building station (科技大樓站), and then take a taxi 30min TWD 120
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) Taxis operating by shifts are located at the west side of Terminal 1's and 2's Arrivals Lobby 1h TWD 1,300
   Take bus (Kuo-kuang Line 1819 or CitiAir Bus 1961) directed to Taipei Main Station (台北車站), and then take a taxi 1h30 TWD 350
   Take bus (Kuo-kuang Line 1819 or CitiAir Bus 1961) directed to Taipei Main Station (台北車站), and transfer to MRT Xindian Line (新店線), get off at Gongguan station (公館站) 1h30 TWD 220
Take Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taipei Main station (台北車站), and then take MRT Songshan-Xindian Line (松山新店線) to Gongguan Station (公館站)  1h15 TWD 200

Airport transportation:
NTU Online Map:

School Shuttle Bus

If you would like to go to the College of Medicine or Academia Sinica, the school shuttle bus is at your service. You can get a free ride simply by showing your student ID to the bus driver. Please go to the website of the Office of General Affairs to download the latest version of the NTU Campus Shuttle Bus Schedule. Please refer to the schedule.  (pdf)


The Taipei MRT ( Mass Rapid Transit ) is a modern transportation system serving the city and its vicinities. Currently there are ten routes. NTU is at the Gongguan station on the Danshui-Xindian line. Students can take the MRT at the Gongguan Station on Roosevelt Road. NTU Student ID Cards can function as MRT's EASYCARD. You can add value directly onto your NTU Student ID Card at all MRT stations and convenience stores ( ex:7-Eleven ).

Taipei Metro map:
Taipei Metro website:

Downtown Buses

Buses in downtown Taipei can bring you to more places than the MRT.

Please refer to the following website for bus schedules and routes:

Long Distance Transportation

In Taiwan, there are three main ways to travel for a long distance on the road:highway bus, train and high speed railway. For more information please refer to the following websites:

Highway bus:
Taiwan railways:
High speed rail:


At NTU, almost everyone has a bike to quickly travel between classrooms within our large campus. The following is a brief introduction to bikes on campus. For detailed regulations, please refer to “Regulations of Campus Traffic in National Taiwan University” ( only in Chinese )

Where and how to get a bike?

There are used bike auctions from time to time at the Shui Yuan bicycle towing area for NTU student, staff and faculty members. The price is TWD 400 for a bike. For more information please refer to the “used bike auction section” of the Bicycle Parking Management Center

Bicycle towing and claiming

If your bike is towed because of illegally parking, please go to “Bicycle parking management center” to search for your bike, and go to the Shui Yuan bicycle towing area to claim your bike.

More detailed information about bicycles on campus, please refer to the “Bicycle parking management center”


If you don't want to purchase a bike, you can rent a “YouBike” offered by The Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government. All you need is an “EasyCard” ( i.e., your student ID card ) to rent a YouBike.

For more information, please refer to: Youbike

Grades Inquiries and Transcript

A few weeks after final exam, you can search for your grades at Grades Inquiries in myNTU system with your myNTU account. If your instructor hasn't submitted grades yet, you won't be able to look up your grade for the class. However, all grades should be available before the end of winter or summer vacation.

If you need a hard copy of your transcript, you have to go to the printing machine in front of the office of academic affairs in the first administration building to pay and print your transcript. To log-in and operate the printing machine, you need to enter your student ID number and your password ( four digits of your birthday:MMDD ).

If you are an exchange student or a visiting student from China, OIA will send 2 copies of your official transcript ( one for you and one for your homeuniversity coordinator ), in both Chinese and English, to the international office at your home university.

If you are a visiting student, the OIA will send 2 copies of your official transcript in both Chinese and English to the mailing address you gave when you applied.

Taking a leave

If you are considering a leave of absence, please login to MyNTU , click the student leave management icon and follow the procedures step by step.


In the event of an emergency, students are advised to seek help through the following steps:

  • In case of a medical emergency, dial 119; in the event of a fire, dial 110. Please take traffic time into consideration. You are advised to call the 24-hour language assistance hotline ( 0800-024-111 ) if you have difficulty communicating with 119 or 110.
  • After calling 119 or 110, please inform the university about your emergency. They will respond to you around the clock.

On-campus Emergency ( Campus Security 24HR ) (02)3366-9110

Student Emergency Assistance ( Student Safety Division 24HR ) (02)3366-9119

Campus Escort & Security Services

The Campus Security makes every effort to ensure the safety of our faculty, staff and students. Whether you stay on campus working, studying or doing experiments until late at night, the Campus Security is pleased to escort you off campus to public transportation terminals or to student residences. For this service, please call the Campus Security.TEL:(02)3366-2185~6

Lost and Found items

  • There are several lost-and-found stations located around campus. If you can recall where you lost the item, report to the nearest station to search for it. If you have no idea where the item was lost, please frequently check NTU Campus Announcements to see if your lost item has been found, and report the incident to the Campus Security.
  • Next, report the incident to the police station on Roosevelt Rd. ( Note if your ARC is missing, first report to the Foreign Ministry at the Da-An police station and then get a renewal at the National Immigration Agency in your district. )

Roosevelt Rd. Police Station ( No.115, Sec.4 Roosevelt Rd., Taipei ) (02)2735-5761

Da-An police station ( No.2, Sec.3, Ren-Ai Rd., Taipei ) (02)2325-9850

Loss of personal cards and reissue

NTU Student ID Card

If you have lost your student ID card, please adhere to the procedures for “Reporting a missing student ID card”

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

If you have lost your ARC, please go to the National Immigration Agency with your passport, student ID card, a photo 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size, NTD 500 cash, and a declaration of Loss of ARC form or a crime report from the police station.

For more detailed information, please refer to the National Immigration Agency's webpage about obtaining a new ARC card.

Post Office ATM Card

If you have lost your post office ATM card, please immediately proceed to a post office (or the Customer Service Center) to cancel the card. Meanwhile, apply for reissuance of the ATM card ( NT$100 handling charge ), or termination of your account, at any post office. For more information, please refer to the post office's website.

Health Insurance Card

If you have lost your health insurance card, please go to any National Health Insurance Administration regional division with your ARC and NTD 200 cash. The application process should take about 30 minutes. For addresses of regional division offices and more information, please visit the website for the National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Student Activities and Organizations

NTU International Students Facebook Group

In order to provide more effective service, we created a Facebook group, NTU International Students.

The Facebook group welcome all international students including degree students, exchange students, and visiting students at NTU. Please send a request to our group so we can add you.

In this group, OIA will post useful information about activities on campus as well as any relevant announcements that you may need to know. The group also functions as a community for international students to interact, share, and chat with one another.

We hope that you will find the group useful!

Taiwan Hostfamily Program

If you, as an international student, would like to have an inside view of what life in Taiwan is, meanwhile knowing more about politics, history, economy in Taiwan, or other aspects of Taiwan's society, then you certainly have to participate in the activities organized by Taiwan Host family Program.

For more information, please refer to: Taiwan Hostfamily Program

Student Organizations

Currently, NTU has more than 400 student clubs in operation, comprised of 8 different types of clubs:self-governing, academic, entertaining, servicing, social development, group activity, physical training, art and sports teams. For more information, please go to the Student Activity Division website.

NTU Foreign Students' Association ( NTUFSA )

NTUFSA consists primarily of international students but also welcomes exchange students.

NTUFSA arranges orientation days and regularly holds fellowship activities to help new international students adapt to the environment and interact with each other. During the semester, NTUFSA and NTUISIS organize short field trips, sporting events and holiday celebrations.


NTU International Student Information Service Club ( NTUISIS )

NTUISIS is a volunteer group of NTU students who help international students integrate into campus life and facilitate cultural exchanges with local students. NTUISIS offers assistance with dorm move-in, registration, and introduction to campus life.

NTUISIS partners with OIA and NTUFSA to hold cultural interaction activities. Every semester, NTUISIS holds a day trip for international students to experience local culture. NTUISIS also holds lectures on international affairs to enhance communication among club members and broaden the knowledge of local students.

NTU Japanese Students' Association ( NTUJSA )

NTU Vietnamese Students' Association ( NTUVSA )

Banking Information

The Post Office

The post office provides both postal and banking services, including shipping and receiving, deposit and withdrawal, etc. Post offices are available on Campus ( 1F in Xiao-Fu ) and at the MRT Gongguan Station. To open a financial account in the post office, you should bring the original and a copy of both your passport and ARC, and at least NTD 100 for a deposit.


Bank Accounts

To open a bank account, bring the original and a copy of both your passport and ARC and at least NT$100 to the bank for the procedure. It is strongly recommended that you apply for an ATM bank card, so you can use it to withdraw money from ATMs at any bank anytime. ATMs can be found on the street and inside many convenience stores in Taipei.

Bank/ Postal Account Opening Notice for the Under Age

According to Taiwan's regulations, people who have limited capacity to make juridical acts ( i.e., those under the age of 20 ), must submit a letter of consent notarized by Taiwan's embassies ( or representative offices ) from their statutory agents or guardians. Alternatively, if the applicant wishes to submit evidence regarding different regulations about the age of majority in his/her home country, he/she must submit the relevant documents notarized by Taiwan's embassies ( or representative offices ) for approval. A sample statement from a statutory agent can be downloaded from the following link:

Foreign Exchange

If you need to exchange foreign currency into New Taiwan Dollars( NTD ), please keep in mind that most banks only have USD, HKD and Japanese Yuan available. Only the head office of Taiwan Bank offers other currencies. You are required to bring your passport and ARC in order to exchange foreign currencies.

The Head Office of Taiwan Bank
No.120, Sec.1, Zhong-Qing South Rd., Taipei. ( near MRT Taipei Railway Station )

The Head Office of the Shanghai Commercial Saving Bank:
No.2, Sec.1, Min-Quan East Rd., Taipei ( near MRT Min-Quan West Rd. Station )

Hua Nan Bank NTU Branch
ext to the Lu Ming Hall ( 鹿鳴堂 ) on NTU campus.

On Campus ATM Spots

Please refer to NTU campus map.

Useful Links

Information for Foreigners in Taiwan:
TEL:0800-024-111 ( 24-hour free hotline )

Tourism Bureau:

Ministry of Education:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

National Police Agency, Ministry of Interior:

Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training:

Bureau of National Health Insurance, Taipei Branch:

TSUEI MA MA Foundation for Housing and Community Service:


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