Program Overview

Program Introduction

National Taiwan University has a growing number of international exchange partners around the globe. Each year, we welcome many international students who embark as exchange students on our academic programs, benefiting from NTU's internationally regarded quality, unique educational environment and friendly community.

If you are interested in studying at National Taiwan University as an exchange student, you must get nomination from your current university (which must be one of our partner universities) before applying for our exchange student program. Please search in our List of NTU's Exchange Partners to check if your university has an exchange agreement with us, then contact your international office for more information about the application procedures.


Students who would like to apply for the Exchange Student Program need to hold a non-Taiwanese passport. Students with only Taiwanese nationality are not eligible for the NTU Exchange Student Program.

Students should have B1 level for English or Chinese Language Proficiency according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) as courses at NTU are mainly taught in English or Chinese.

Academic Year/Term Structure

Fall (First) Semester



Orientation week  (required) starts

September (the week before classes start)

 September (the week before classes start)

Classes start



Spring (Second) semester



Orientation week (required) starts

February (the week before classes start) 

February (the week before classes start) 

Classes start



**The dates will be updated by every academic year, please refer to Exchange Student Program >> Admissions.

Course Information

According to NTU regulation, exchange students must take at least 2 courses or 4 credits per semester. Furthermore, students should also follow the requirements of their home universities.

Course information and schedules are published approximately one month before the start of classes. Before course information is announced, you may still refer to the Online Course Information website to search for courses offered in the past few years for your reference. For questions regarding a specific field/course, please contact the relevant department or the course instructor directly.

  1. The College of Medicine (醫學院) does not accept senior and graduate exchange/visiting  students. Only basic medicine courses are open to exchange/visiting students; the practicum courses 實習課(clinical medicine courses and medical research) are not open to exchange/visiting students.
  2. The Department of Veterinary Medicine (獸醫系) does not accept undergraduate exchange student.
  3. The Department of Anthropology (人類學系暨研究所) requires exchange students having Chinese language proficiency for there is no course taught in English.
  4. The Department of Economics is under the College of Social Science at NTU. Courses related to economics can also be found in other departments (e.g. College of Management).
  5. GMBA required/core courses are not open to exchange/visiting  students.
  6. All EMBA and EIMBA courses are not open to exchange/visiting students.

Important Notice

The OIA is only responsible for the application of university-level exchange student programs, if you are applying through college/department-level exchange student programs, please contact relevant college/department office directly. Here is the College Contact Infomation for your reference.

Students who would like to study abroad as a free mover, or are not qualified for the NTU Exchange Student Programs, but wish to study at NTU for a short term may consider applying through the NTU Visiting Student Program. To get more detailed information, please refer to >> Study >> Visiting Student Program.

Wondering what courses you can choose from, how you'll live and study, and more? Please visit the Pre-Arrival and Post-Arrival sections of previous academic years for the Exchange/Visiting Student Guidebooks.


Update: 2020 / 03 / 12