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To find relevant information for degree students, please refer to: 2017 / 2018 Guide for International Degree Students

The Guide for International Degree Students provides most of the information you may need. If there are still some information you cannot find in the guide, please go through the following pages or contact the person in charge of your degree.

Academic Policies

The following regulations are excerpts from NTU’s Academic Policies last revised on January 09, 2012.

Please refer to the website of the Office of Academic Affairs’ website for the complete text and other relevant information:

For the following academic affairs, please log in to MyNTU through below the paths:



Students > Courses > Grades Inquiries


Leaves of Absence, Absenteeism, and Grade Point Deductions

Students > NTU Life > Student Leave Management


Change of Major ( only in Chinese )

學生專區 > 課務資訊 > 轉系輔系雙主修


Suspensions, Reinstatement, and Withdrawals ( only in Chinese )

Leave of absence application for International students is required to submit a hardcopy.

Please refer to the following links for the application forms:

Application for Leave of Absence for Graduate Students

Application for Leave of Absence for Undergraduate students

Students > Courses > Registration Extension and Reinstatement System

* Reinstatement for international students is required to submit a hardcopy.

Please download the application form:Application Form for Readmission (Reinstatement) for International Students

National Health Insurance

According to National Health Insurance Act, any foreigner staying in Taiwan over six months is obligated to underwrite an insurance policy under NHI.

Dual Degree Students who are only holding Mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau passport will not be applicable to NHI system. Please refer to Relevant Information for New Degree Students for Insurance.

For more information: National Health Insurance

Work Permit

International students who wish to work in Taiwan ( either on campus or off campus ) are required to apply for and obtain a work permit before starting work. Please note that if you hold a job without applying for a work permit, you may be fined TWD 30,000 to TWD 150,000 !

For more information: Work Permit

Resident Visa and Alien Resident Certificate ( ARC )

Resident Visa

Visa is a required document for entering Taiwan. We recommend you to apply for Resident Visa, because it is also a required document when you apply for Alien Resident Certificate ( ARC ) later on. Even you are from a visa free country, we still recommend you to apply for Resident Visa in advance. Otherwise, you may need to leave the country or go through other formalities to apply for ARC.

For more information: Resident Visa

Alien Resident Certificate ( ARC )

The Alien Resident Certificate ( ARC ) serves as the ID card that proves your resident status in Taiwan. It is a very important document and we advise you to take good care of it and pay attention to its expiration time.

For more information: Alien Resident Certificate ( ARC )

If you are dual degree students…
Students who are only holding Hong Kong or Macau passport, please refer to Taiwan Embassy at Hong Kong or Macau to apply for Entry Permit to enter Taiwan on your own. While Students who are only holding Mainland China passport, please apply for Entry Permit through the assistance of your NTU college ( department / institute ). For more information, please refer to National Immigration Agency .

Study Abroad ( Not applicable to Dual Degree Students )

Even if you are an international student, you can still join NTU study abroad programs, including exchange student programs, visiting student programs and summer program selections.

For more information: Study Abroad (only in Chinese) 


Student Appeal

If a student who is punished due to violations related to life, learning and education rights believes that the punishment is illegal or violated his/her rights, s/he can apply for an appeal to SGC in accordance with these regulations. If a student union or other related student self-government organization dissatisfies a punishment or other measures or resolutions issued by NTU, they also could apply for an appeal to SGC.
For detail information about student appeal, please refer to:
NTU Office of Student Affairs Student Assistance Division >>  Student Appeal
Please find the Student Appeal Procedure as below:

Leaving NTU

Before graduation, NTU students need to complete an online procedure to receive their diploma.

To complete the procedure, please log in to MyNTU :學生專區 > 畢業生資訊 > 畢業生離校手續查詢 ( only in Chinese )

Sample for Leaving NTU procedure ( pdf ): Undergraduate student , Graduate student, all international students please fill the 2015 International Degree Student Satisfaction Survey.

If you are dual degree students, please refer to your department office to consult the graduation / leaving NTU procedure.

Submission of Theses/Dissertations for Graduate students: Notices on the Submission of Theses/Dissertations and the Graduation Procedure

●  Electronic Thesis/ Dissertations Service SystemTutorial guide of ETDS file format and conversion and ETDS service workflow (pdf, English)

Internship and Employment in Taiwan after graduating


As many graduates want to obtain internships in here in Taiwan, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education ( MOE ) has announced new regulations for those who wish to extend their ARC for internship opportunities:

“ Operation Directions Governing Applications from Overseas Chinese Students, Students from Hong Kong and Macao, and International Students for Internships after Graduating from University / College in Taiwan ”

The Career Center here at NTU is responsible for all the extension submissions. If you plan on doing an internship after completing your degree, please submit the application form below to the Career Center.

Application form link:
For more information, please contact NTU Career Center:


1.    The Ministry of Labor initiated a new point system for evaluating Overseas Chinese and foreign graduates who desire to remain in Taiwan and seek employment. All Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and foreign students who desire to seek employment after graduating from a University in Taiwan (including students graduating this year) will be evaluated via a point system which assigns a certain number of points to the applicant per the qualifications of Overseas Chinese and foreign students as well as the criteria set for employers. The items in the point system include academic records, salary levels, work experience, job qualifications, Chinese language and other foreign language abilities as well as growth experience. In addition, the student must accommodate the eight items on the government’s industrial development policy and will be awarded points accordingly. The student applicant must accrue at least 70 points, fall within the set quota and be able to provide a valid work permit. The applicant quota for the first year of this new system is 2,000. 

2.    Employers that are applying with the Ministry of Labor for approval to hire Overseas Chinese or foreign graduates must provide the candidate’s completed self-evaluation form as well as any relevant documents, such as graduation certificates and/or diplomas, labor agreements, curriculum vitae and certificates for foreign language abilities. Further details about the items in the point system and the required documents for application can be found in the attachment below. For more detailed information, please check out the Ministry of Labor’s website and go to the special section for “Overseas Chinese and Foreign Graduates of Universities in Taiwan”. Their contact information is as follows: (02)2380-1712 or (02)2380-1725. 


Update: 2018 / 04 / 30