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Beyond Imagination: 1st NTUAF Photography Exhibition for Oversea Students in Taiwan


The theme of National Taiwan University Art Festival (NTUAF in brief) this year,
"L'imagination au Pouvoir," aims to inspire everyone’s imagination through art creating, to break
through the inherent cognition with imagination, and to launch a micro-revolution in daily life
for a better world. The photography exhibition “Beyond Imagination” hopes to invite oversea
students in NTU to participate this event. Through their perspectives, they can overturn each
other’s imagination by sharing the "myths that Taiwanese friends have for them", “ interesting
things only in Taiwan" and "things to share with Taiwanese friends". We hope that through
invitation of the photography exhibition “Beyond Imagination”, students from different countries
and backgrounds can also be a part of NTUAF, and have profounder exchanges with Taiwanese
friends through photos.


(1)myths that Taiwanese friends have for oversea students
(2)interesting things in Taiwan for oversea students
(3)things to share with Taiwanese friends

2.Time for application: 2019/1/25 ~ 2019/3/15

3.Qualification for participation: no limits

4.Specifications: 3 photos per person. The equipment is not limited, such as mobile phones or
cameras are available. The photos uploaded should be at least 8 million pixels in jpeg or tiff files,
and the resolution is recommended to be adjusted to 360dpi. The colour model should be set to
rgb (CMYK is not available). The size of a photo should not exceed 50mb and the total size of
works should not exceed 100mb.

5.Registration and delivery method: fill out the form (
LUIcIvz42R8JmxXj2 )

(1) The proposed works of this photography exhibition will be arranged and designed according
to different plans, including reinterpretation, cutting, collaging, overlapping or re-outputting with
other materials, etc.
(2) Please do not violates normal customs, such as violence, nudity, pornography, defamation, or
infringement of personal informations.
(3) All proposed works will be exhibited as much as possible, but the organizer reserves the final
right to display the works.

Registratoin link:

Update: 2019 / 01 / 30