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17th Annual Red House Modern Literature Award

17th Annual Red House Modern Literature Award - held by National Taiwan Normal University

  •                                                                             International Micro Film
  • Participation Requirements: Local and international students at NTU, NTNU & NTUSTSubmission Period: May 1 – June 30, 2018
  • Submission Requirements:
    1. The theme of the micro-film is “Discover Taiwan.”
    2. The micro-film can be an individual or group contribution, but each group is limited to 5 members. Each person is limited to one submission. Each member of the group must meet the participation requirements, and each group must include at least one international student.
    3. The micro-films should be 3-8 minutes in length. Students may use Mandarin Chinese or English, but subtitles must be provided.
  • Submission Instructions:
  1. Format: The image quality must be at least 720P. Please upload the micro-film to YOUTUBE with the privacy settings turned off. The title of the YOUTUBE video should be “Micro-Film_(your name)_(submission title)” and the link should be included in the email submission with the other required documents. (If it is necessary to adjust the quality of the picture due to the shooting technique, please provide an explanation in the submission email)
  2. Email a scanned copy of SIGNED author data sheet, a copy of certification of enrollment, as well as the YOUTUBE link of your film submission to Please write “Red House_Micro-Film_(your name)” in the subject line of the email. Each email is limited to one submission. If you have not received a confirmation email by the first week of the month following your submission, please contact the committee for confirmation.

Update: 2018 / 06 / 05