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【Travel Worker Project 2018 | We Want YOU to See the True Beauty of Taiwan!】

“Travel Worker” is a brand new program created by RTM (Redefine Tourism Mixer), a Non-Profit Organization that’s dedicated to bringing young talents and new ideas to the corner of Taiwan.

During the 3-month trip among assigned areas, you’re expected to live and learn with local residents, completing various ground missions by farming, fishing, furnishing, nature-exploring and culture-discovering. All the hardship and challenges lead you to a greater maturity.

Moreover, all those impressive juicy memories will be recorded into your diary and final presentation through writing and filming. These homework are going to be shared with your friends and families back in hometown and show the true stories you made along with your growth.

Travel Worker project will not only leave you an unforgettable summer but also put your footprint on the map of Taiwan secret places!

Registration Now >> (Until May 31, 2018) .


#Travel Worker

Duration: July 23, 2018 – Oct 30, 2018

Location: Two Local Communities / Villages in Taiwan

Participation Fee: FREE (Please see more details in the following link.)

Number of Recruitment: 2

#Role Description

Selected “Travel Worker” will be traveling and stationed in more than two local communities in Taiwan, assigned with several planned tasks that local people are used to, such as framing, fishing, furnishing or any type of jobs needed to sustain locals’ living.

At the same time, Travel Worker is also a “blogger” that’s required to record all the encountering and put on line sharing openly via social media. There’s going to be a final presentation with all photos, videos and diaries put together. Reporting and Marketing will be part of Travel Worker Mission Pack.


✓ International student or young expatriate in Taiwan (The validity of the VISA should be for/over 3 months)

✓ Open-minded, adaptive, willing to participate in local environments with hands-on experiences.

✓ Able to conduct daily communication in English or Mandarin.

✓ Visual-designing / photo-shooting / video-making / copy-writing (Marketing) skills are preferred.

#Contact information

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Registration Now>> (Until May 31, 2018) 

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