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[Uber Eats] Restaurant Partnership Development

[NTUOIA] <Forward> Following Internship/Part-time jobe opportunities provided by Uber Eats Taiwan Talent Acquisition

我們是 Uber Eats Taiwan Talent Acquisition 團隊。2018 年開始, Uber Eats 台灣首次將針對外籍生招募 Restaurant Partnership Development 的實習職位,主要著重於餐廳合作關係、合作策略分析以及協助餐廳合作業務等事項。這份職位最特別之處是需要精通粵語及熟悉香港地理環境的同學,因此,我們希望可以將這一份難得的實習機會提供給台灣大學的國際學生們。


2018/01/08 - 2018/01/14:Online Application (application will be reviewd as soon as they received)

2018/01/15 - 2018/01/18:Phone Interview and Supervisor Interview

2018/01/19:Results announced

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UberEATS 2018Restaurant Partnership Development -Intl. Student.pdf

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If you have any further questions, please be advised to contact Jerry Chiang of Uber Taiwan <> directly, Thank you.

Update: 2018 / 01 / 08