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Suit Now To U Photography Contest for NTU International Students Terms and Conditions

Registration Form 報名表 [Download]

Terms and Conditions 活動辦法 [Download] 

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The Suit Now To U Photography Contest is organized by Office of International Affairs (OIA) for all international students at NTU, including exchange students, degree seekers, short-term learners, etc., to encourage international students to immerse in the rich and diverse Taiwanese culture during their stay at NTU. This event aims to build identification and community for international students while enhancing their interactions with Taiwanese students.


  1. Open to NTU international students as well as local students.
  2. All contestants must wear a SoNTU T-shirt (please see below for accepted T-shirts).


  1. Submitted photos must include at least three people in the picture, with international students making up at least half of the group. E.g. A group of four should include at least two international students.
  2. One contestant is only allowed one entry into the contest.

Photo specifications

  1. Submitted photo must be a high-resolution digital photo in JPEG format not exceeding 5MB in file size.
  2. Submitted photo must be at least 6-million pixels and in color; no black and white photos accepted.
  3. The subject matter and location should be about and in Taiwan, including the outlying islands.
  4. No image adjustments (in Photoshop, Lightroom, or similar programs) are allowed, including cropping, sharpening, changing the exposure, colors, contrasts, or removing any dust or blemish. No collages and panorama photos are allowed.
  5. Unreadable entries due to incomplete file formats or other technical problems will be automatically disqualified.

Where to purchase SoNTU T-shirts (NTU student IDs receive 10% discount)

  1. NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall (Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm; Map)
  2. SoNTU website: (Log in with NTU account during checkout to receive discount)

Submission procedures

To submit a photo and enter the photography contest, the contestant should comply with the following procedures:

  1. Post the photo onto Suit Now To U Fan Page at
  2. Complete a registration form and rename the file using the following format: [SuitNowToU]LastName_StudentID. Please download the form here.
  3. Send the original photo file and registration form to the SoNTU official mailbox at by 11: 59 p.m. on November 20, 2017.

Selection Criteria

  1. The judges will be the staff at the Office of International Affairs. Submissions will be considered based on the creativity and adequateness of the filming location, subject matter, and the title.
  2. The contestant should fully respect the decision of the judges, and no further grievance about the results will be accepted.

Prizes and Announcement

The list of the winners will be announced in early December on Suit Now To U Fan Page and OIA website.

  1. General Prizes
    1. Outstanding Prize: TWD 10,000 (tax included) each – given to up to five groups
  2. Popularity Prizes (based on the number of likes a photo received on Suit Now To U Fan Page)
    1. First Place: TWD 3,500 (tax included)
    2. Second Place: TWD 3,000 (tax included)
    3. Third Place: TWD 2,500 (tax included)
    4. Fourth Place: TWD 2,000 (tax included)
  3. Awards Ceremony:  to be announced
    1. All winners are obliged to attend the awards ceremony.
    2. The prize will be retained by the organizer if winner(s) leave Taiwan before the ceremony.

Copyrights & Usage Rights

  1. Entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted, nor will a joint submission.
  2. By submitting an image for the competition, the contestant should consent to grant the organizer the right to use the image in print, broadcast and/or electronic media without additional permission or credit.
  3. The photo should be an original work by the contestant(s). The contestant represents and warrants that he or she has the power and authority to submit the photographs entered and to grant the rights to the organizer and that all photographs submitted do not infringe any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right, contain anything libellous and obscene, or violate any right of privacy. If any violation was made and found, the winner must return the prize to the organizer without any grievances.
  4. Photographs that have won prizes in other contests or have been published are not eligible for submission.


Update: 2017 / 11 / 30