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Suit Now To U Photography Contest Winners Announcement

Winners of Suit Now To U Photography Contest have been selected! Thanks again to everyone who participated. The results are as follow:

Group Division
First prize: Defying gravity.
Second prize: JUMP . MOVE . FEEL.
Third prize: We are from Asia gathered in NTU, Taiwan.

Individual Division
First prize: When time slows down in the busy city.
Second prize: In temples you find religion, in hearts you find Taiwan.
Third prize: Eyes bigger than Stomach.

Popularity Prizes
-Do not let your eyes be blinded by its beauty.
-Feel the breeze of Spain, Japan and Taiwan in NTU.
-Sometimes your eyes speak louder than words.

Please visit Suit Now To U Fan Page to view all submitted photos.

Winners will be further informed through email.

Update: 2017 / 05 / 31