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SoNTU: Suit Now To U Photography Contest for NTU International Students

SoNTU: Suit Now To U

Photography Contest for NTU International Students

Terms and Conditions


Office of International Affairs

National Taiwan University


In order to encourage international students to familiarize themselves with the rich and diverse Taiwanese culture during their stay at NTU, the SoNTU: Suit Now To U Photography Contest is organized for all the international students at NTU: exchange students, degree seekers, or short-term learners. This activity aims to build up the identity, identification, and community for international students while enhancing their interactions with Taiwanese students through this photography contest.


  1. Individual entry: ONLY open to NTU international students with a valid NTU ID (including degree, non-degree students and interns)
  2. Group entry: open to both NTU local and abovementioned international students. The group should consist of at least 3 (including 3) contestants with more than half of international students included.
  3. Each contestant can ONLY choose one entry to join.
  4. All contestants should wear an SoNTU T-shirt.


  1. Photographing equipment can range from professional cameras to digital cameras, tablet computers, and/or mobile phones.
  2. The subject matter and location should be about and in Taiwan, including the outlying islands.
  3. The contest only accepts at most one photo entry per person.
  4. Black-and-white photos are not accepted.
  5. High-resolution digital photos with at least 6 million pixels are preferable.
  6. Each photo must be in a JPEG format without exceeding 5MB.
  7. The title should be in both Chinese and English within ten words for each language.
  8. Unreadable entries due to incomplete file formats or other technical problems will be automatically disqualified.


To complete the submission, the contestant should comply with the following procedures:

  1. Post on Facebook SoNTU: Suit Now To U Fan-page
  2. Send the original file to the SoNTU official mailbox along with the registration form (please refer to the attached example file)
  3. Choose the title of registration form and subjects
  •        (1) Individual entry: NTU Pic Competition_IND_NTU ID no._name
  •        (2) Group entry: NTU Pic Competition_GRO_Leader’s NTU ID no._name
  •    4. The contestant should complete these steps to finish the registration.
  •    5. Submission deadline: by 11: 59 p.m. on May 7, 2017

Selection Criteria

  1. The jury will be selected by the Office of International Affairs. The criteria are based on the creativity and adequateness of the filming location, subject matter, and the title.
  2. The contestant should fully respect the decision of the jury, and no further grievance about the result will be accepted.

Prizes and Announcement

The list of the winners will be announced in late May

  1. Individual entry
  •        (1) First prize: TWD 8,000 (tax included)
  •        (2) Second prize: TWD 6,500 (tax included)
  •        (3) Third prize: TWD 5,000 (tax included)
  •    2. Group entry
  •        (1) First prize: TWD 18,000 (tax included)
  •        (2) Second prize: TWD 15,000 (tax included)
  •        (3) Third prize: TWD 12,000 (tax included)
  •   3. 3 Popularity Prizes: NTD 1,000 (tax included) for the top 3 photos that collect the most “likes” from Facebook SoNTU: Suit Now To U Fan-page.
  •   4. Awards Ceremony: June 3, 2017.

         (1) All winners are obliged to attend the awards ceremony.

         (2) The prize will be retained to the organizer if the winner(s) leave Taiwan before the ceremony.

Copyrights & Usage Rights

  1. Entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted, nor will a joint submission.
  2. By submitting an image for the competition, the contestant should consent to grant the organizer the right to use the image in print, broadcast and/or electronic media without additional permission or credit.
  3. The photo should be an original work by the contestant(s). The contestant shall represent and warrant that he or she has the power and authority to submit the photographs entered and to grant the rights to the organizer and that all photographs submitted shall not infringe any copyright, trademark, violate any right of privacy, infringe any other proprietary right or contain anything libellous and obscene. If any violation has made and been found, the winner should return the prize to the organizer without any grievance.
  4. No image adjustments (in Photoshop, Lightroom, or similar program) are allowed, including cropping, sharpening, changing the exposure, colours, contrasts, or removing the dust or blemish.
  5. Photographs that have won prizes in other contests or have been published are not eligible for submission.

SoNTU: Suit Now To U






鼓勵國際學生在臺期間能深入探訪臺灣多元的文化、風土人情、山川美景,本處擬為本校所有國際學生(包含短期交換/訪問學生、學位生、實習生及語言研修生)舉辦SoNTU: Suit Now To U臺大國際學生攝影比賽。本活動旨在藉由SoNTU T-shirt的穿著及攝影的紀錄方式,建立國際學生的認同感及歸屬感同時增進與臺灣本地學生的互動與交流。


  1. 個人組:限有學號之國際學生(含學位生/非學位生/短期實習)
  2. 團體組:臺大本地生及上述之國際學生。每組至少3人,且同一組內需半數以上為國際學生。
  3. 僅能二組擇一參加。
  4. 照片中之參賽者皆需穿著SoNTU T-Shirt拍照。


  1. 攝影器材:不限專業相機,數位相機、平板電腦、手機皆可。
  2. 主題不限,惟拍攝地點限台灣地區(含本島及外島)。
  3. 每組至多可投稿1張照片。
  4. 照片不得為黑白照。
  5. 解析度建議為600萬畫素以上。
  6. 檔案格式需為JPEG格式,大小不可超過5MB。
  7. 照片名稱需有中、英文各10個字內
  8. 檔案格式不完整以致無法讀取,而影響評選結果將以棄權論,不另行通知。


  1. 上傳照片至SoNTU: Suit Now To U活動專頁
  2. 將報名表(見附檔)連同照片原始檔寄至SoNTU信箱 
  3. 報名表檔名及信件主旨
  •       (1) 個人組:NTU Pic Competition_IND_學號_姓名
  •       (2) 團體組:NTU Pic Competition_GRO_組長學號_組長姓名
  •    4. 照片檔名:照片主題名稱
  •    5. 需同時完成上述程序,方完成報名
  •    6. 收件截止日期:2017年5月7日(日)23:59


  1. 參加作品將由主辦單位組成之評審團,依照片之創意度、拍照地點、構圖、照片名稱,選出優勝作品。
  2. 參賽者對評審團成員及評審結果不得異議。



  1. 個人組
  •      第一名:8,000元(含稅)
  •      第二名:6,500元(含稅)
  •      第三名:5,000元(含稅)
  •   2. 團體組
    •   第一名:18,000元(含稅)
    •   第二名:15,000元(含稅)
    •   第三名:12,000元(含稅)
  •  3. 最佳人氣獎:於Facebook Suit Now To U 粉絲專頁選取獲得按讚數量最多之前3名,每名得獲新臺幣1,000元(含稅)
  •  4. 頒獎典禮:2017年6月3日
  •     (1)獲獎者皆須參加頒獎典禮。
  •     (2)獲獎者若已離開臺灣,獎金將由主辦單位保留。



  1. 不可冒充他人身份,經發現者全組取消得獎資格。
  2. 本處保有權利於往後校內甄選活動、網頁、電子報等形式(如數位化、公布上網、宣傳影片、文宣出版)使用參賽照片,不須另行通知與致酬。
  3. 參賽者應擔保其參賽作品均為原創、屬實且合法(參賽照片不得使用任何軟體增減原始檔案內容或違背事實),如有不實或抄襲、侵害他人權利之情事,除應自負相關責任外,將被取消參賽資格或得獎資格,並須返還所得獎項與獎金。
  4. 請勿翻拍、拷貝、盜用、人工加色、電腦合成,照片僅可做亮度、對比度色彩飽和度的適度調整。
  5. 曾參加其他攝影比賽得獎、或曾公開發表(如平面出版、公開展覽等)之作品不得參賽。



Update: 2017 / 04 / 10