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Call for "Taiwan-Chair" to Ghent University, Belgium. Deadline August 26, 2016 Belgium time.

Deadline August 26, 2016 Belgium time.

Here is a Call for applications in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding “The 2016-2021 Academic Years Taiwan Studies Programme at Ghent University, the University of Groningen, the Georg-August Universität Göttingen/ Georg-August Universität Göttingen Stiftung Öffentlichen Rechts (UGOE)”.

This is a MoU between the above-mentioned three European institutions and the Department of International and Cross-Strait Education (DICE), Ministry of Education (MOE), Republic of China (Taiwan).

The“Taiwan Studies Programme at UGent/RUG/UGOE”has a duration of an initial 5 academic years from the effective date, which may again be extended after a mutual understanding thereto between the parties in writing and signed by the parties’ duly authorized representatives; the professorial fellowship offered by the programme may be occupied by one or more persons in sequence, with a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 8 months per stay per year.

With regard to research and teaching activities and subject to compliance with applicable university laws, the Professorial Fellow (academic scholar) shall be treated equally as professors (academic staff) at the partner universities.

The parties agree that the Professorial Fellow’s activities under and in connection with this MoU shall comply with the rules of good scientific practice under which the university partners to this MoU are operating.

DICE will provide the Professorial Fellow with a monthly allowance and a round-trip international airline ticket. Additionally, UGent/RUG/UGOE, when acting as the respective hosting institution, will provide the Professorial Fellow with housing. Furthermore, UGent/RUG/UGOE will provide the Professorial Fellow with all necessary facilities such as office space, a computer and secretarial support.

This Call for applications is with view on a mobility in Ghent University.


•    PhD in Social Sciences or Political Sciences (preferably with focus on politics, international relations, or economics)

•    Expertise with research on Taiwanese and East Asian studies

•    Expertise with education on Taiwanese and East Asian studies

•    Good command of English (spoken and written)

•    Ability to teach on EU-East Asia relations at MA level; involvement in the MA course EU-East Asia relations

•    Ability to organize research seminars for PhD students in areas such as EU external relations, international relations, Taiwanese/ East Asian studies

Candidates for the Professorial Fellowship shall be selected from any university or institution of higher learning in the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Professorial Fellow selected shall preferably be an/a (associate) professor on sabbatical leave from the Republic of China (Taiwan), and shall have minimal qualifications as a Ph.D. holder.


•    The Professorial Fellow will teach a Taiwan Studies related course on one or more aspects of international relations in an East Asian context. The term 'international relations' broadly encompasses the areas of: foreign policy; global and regional governance; international law; international political economy; IR theory; and security studies.

•    The Professorial Fellow will also have to organize a workshop related to his teaching.

•    The Professorial Fellow shall submit a report to DICE and to the Faculty Boards of UGent/RUG/UGOE regarding his or her academic work at the end of each appointment period. The Ministry and UGent/RUG/UGOE  may publish the said report.

Documents that should be admitted:

       Your curriculum vitae

       A motivation letter

       Letter of consent and recommendation letter of your home institution signed by the relevant responsible person in your faculty/college/school.


Deadline for applications: Friday, 26 August 2016 – 5.00 pm local Belgian time

Please send your application to the following address: and put the following person in copy:

The selection result will be announced by the beginning of September 2016.

Update: 2016 / 08 / 02