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【Models Selection】 Are You “NTU” Enough for NTU Branding Products?

SONTU is a global brand which provides NTU branding products that embody NTU's spirit, using “in style, intellectual, international” as the brand slogan, as well as the statement of every product created to deliver.


What are NTU Branding Products for?

  1. Souvenirs for visitors to have a trigger to recall the beautiful memory of NTU
  2. Original designs and handy gadgets to express NTU's pursuit of excellence to global institutes
  3. Coherent symbols to enhance NTU's current members' identification with NTU, and to enhance the connections between the university and the alumnus


Models' mission?

  1. Assisting campaigns
    (Eg. On-site assistance at OIA's booth in Azalea Festival)
  2. Taking part in photoshoots and videos
  3. Constantly promoting SONTU's products in daily lives



  1. Current NTU student
    open to both undergraduate and graduate students; local and international students
  2. At least a year of presence
  3. With an easygoing personality, self-disciplined working attitude (eg. punctuality)


Selecting Process

Stage 1- Application: Send your supporting documents to the e-mail address below by Feb 23 (
Stage 2- Interview: Selected candidates will receive an invitation on Feb 26. The interview will be held on March 3 and 4.
Stage 3- Review: Review standards include 40% of documents assessment and 60% of interviewers' votes
Stage 4- Admission: Selected candidates will receive a confirmation email on March 7


Your supporting documents should include:

  1. Around 300 words of self-introduction and motives of application
  2. Two shots (including a bust shot in formal outfits and a full-body shot in casual outfits)


Model's perks?

        NTU branding products that you've endorsed

Update: 2016 / 02 / 22