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[Summer+] Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program - Internship and Scholarship Opportunity

Make Your Taiwan Experience Wild!!!
Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program, 2015/7/3-8/5
School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University (NTU), develops "Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program” for international students exploring beauty of Taiwan from cultural and natural perspective. This program provides a paid internship opportunity for international students stay in a selected site one month. During the program, students co-work with local rangers and learn hands-on experiences. Students are allowed spending their time explore local nature and aboriginal culture. Additionally this program provides SCHOLARSHIP for students!!!
About the program
- Applicants
International students: Native English speakers from Europe, USA, New Zealand, and Australia with age between 20-30.
Taiwanese students: Taiwan citizens proficient in English with age between 20-30.
Prefer to have natural sciences, recreation/tourism, and communication/journalism background.
-  Program structure
Selecting a destination from five internship sites; one month internship in the selected natural area; an orientation and a closing ceremony.
-Important dates
2015/7/3 (all day) Orientation and courses of Taiwan Biodiversity (at NTU campus)
2015/7/6-8/3 (one month) Internship at the selected site
2015/8/5 (all day) Closing ceremony (at NTU campus)
-  Fees
Orientation, biodiversity courses, accommodation at internship site and closing ceremony: FREE
Transportation, insurance, and living expenses: not covered in this program
- Scholarship
NTD 10,000 (around USD330)
-  Accommodation 
Free accommodation at internship sites.
- Responsibilities: 
‧    Working with local rangers: Including review English documentation, interpretation, natural/cultural resources investigation and so forth (less than 3 hours per day).
‧    Weekly observation report: Recording (text, image or video clip) your Taiwan natural or cultural experiences weekly. Publishing on your FB (or Twitter), program website ( and program FB. Promoting your observation articles with at least 200 “Like” per article on FB.
‧    Taiwan Nature Treasure Map: Creating a treasure map of the internship site in the end of program. Students should create a nature treasure map (program office offers local map) highlighted something special/valuable (in your perception) you found in the internship site. The treasure could be a tree, a species, an aboriginal song, etc, anything you found valuable/interesting which you would like bring out others. This map could contain text, pictures, poems, video clip, etc, anything from your creativeness. It will be posted on the program website/FB for promoting the destination as well as local conservation.
- Natural Ambassador Awards
Up to three persons, with cash reward of NTD 3,000 (USD 100) per person. Accumulating “Like” of your production (i.e. observation articles and treasure map) on FB during the internship and top three win the award!
-  Review process
Application review and interview (if necessary).
-  Application form
Can be downloaded from program website. After filling all the details of the application form, E-mail to: (subject: Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program-your name).
- Applying deadline
- Acceptance announcement
Before 2015/6/10, will be announced in the website and successful applicants will be notified by email.
For the details, please check

Update: 2015 / 05 / 08