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NFU Cup International Student Futsal Game

Hosted by Office of International Affairs, National Formosa University
June 15th – 16th
Participants: International students in Taiwan
Location: Sports Gym in National Formosa University, Huwei Township, Yunlin County
Schedule: (This schedule is for temporary, the certain one will be announced after the registration deadline)

  June 15th June 16th
9:00~12:00 Competition Competition
12:00~14:00 Lunch Time Lunch Time
14:00~17:00 Competition Competition
18:00 Welcome Dinner Party

Registration: Please fill out the Google Sheet to finish the registration through the following link:

Registration Fee: NT$ 5,000 for each team 
Registration Deadline: May 22th

Please check again before submit. The information will be provided for the identity card and cannot be modified after the printing. Please be aware that the eligibility of a contestant will not be admitted if the identity cannot be recognized or any imposter replacement is found.

Game Rules:   
Please be aware that the spiked shoes are not allowed in the game for avoiding damages to the wood floor. Sneakers are appropriate for the game which is inside the gym.
Players - There are 5 players for each team in the field, one of them as goalkeeper, and a maximum number of 4 players that can be used in each match. Substitutions are unlimited at any time after informing the judge, and can only be used on the players who has already enrolled during the registration. 
Time - There are two periods of 10 minutes in one game. Between the two periods there is a break of 5 minutes. Each team may use one time-out per period, which lasts one minute. A whistle will be blew before starting and finishing a period. 
Fouls – Any dangerous behaviors are prohibited including kicking, tripping, charging, jumping, pushing, striking, tackling, holding, spitting, and deliberate handling, and will be viewed as fouls. A yellow card will be shown as a caution for mild circumstance, while the red card will be shown to send off the player (or substitute) for sever circumstance. A player or substitute can be sent off for serious foul play, violent conduct, spitting, illegally denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity, abusive language, and receiving a second caution. 

Other Rules and Details: 

1. Please considered about your body condition before sign up the competition.
2. Accommodation, Meals, Transportation, and Insurance are supposed to be prepared by the contestants themselves.
3. Contestants are supposed to be uniformed. The uniform is not restricted in regular form but should be in one color. Naked upper-body are prohibited.
4. Cheerleaders or Cheerleading bands are welcome to promote the animated atmosphere based on the condition of safety and the game order.
5. Contestants must follow the instruction of the judge as well as the staff of National Formosa University to keep safe and ordered. Constants who ruin the order of the competition will be canceled the eligibility and cannot join the follow-up activities.
6. Contestants who intentionally destroy the equipment must compensate the damage.
7. National Formosa University can stop the activity if the weather condition or the environment is not appropriate for the game.
8. Any information which contestants provided will only be used for this activity and will not be provided to other institutions/organizations or any other people who are not related to this activity.
Contact Person: Ms. Shu-Min Luo
Assistant of Office of International Affairs, National Formosa University Phone: +886-5-631-3447 
You are welcomed at National Formosa University!

Update: 2019 / 04 / 15