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NTUST X Project LET’S Go! 2019 Summer Program || Info Session & Recruitment

|| What is Project LET’S Go!?
Project LET'S Go! is a grassroots organization that brings young talents from around the globe to work with under-resourced schools. During the program, Our volunteer teachers design their own curriculum that promotes art, music, science and critical thinking and English language immersion for elementary and middle school students. Also, we take part in some communities activities in our selected teaching areas and spend time exchanging cultures and ideas with the local students and people.
|| Who are we recruiting?
We are recruiting students with greatest enthusiasms to serve as volunteer teachers for our 2019 summer program. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with Taiwan undergraduate peers to plan meaningful activities, teach engaging classes, and explore the beauty of Taiwan.
|| When does this amazing summer program take place?
This year, our program will run from July 1 - August 16 and is available in two sessions:
Session A: 2019 July 1 - July 26
Session B: 2019 July 29 - August 16
You can learn more about our work abroad
Make your life different by clicking the Application Link:
If you are studying in Taiwan:
If you are studying outside of Taiwan:
We hope to see you all this summer!

Update: 2019 / 03 / 08