Recycling and waste

Caring for the environment

The government and people of Taiwan make a lot of effort in protecting the environment by reducing waste and conserving energy. When eating out, it is environmentally friendlier to bring your own utensils instead of using disposable utensils at the restaurant. Also, you should bring your own bag for groceries – most stores and supermarkets charge for shopping bags according to the government’s regulations to reduce waste.

Recycling and waste

Taiwan has a garbage disposal policy that has been practiced for many years. Waste should be separated into three categories: recyclable garbage, kitchen waste, and ordinary garbage.

Recyclable garbage and kitchen waste will both be recycled. Recyclable garbage includes paper, metal, glass, plastic, dry batteries, motorized vehicles (automobiles and motor scooters), tires, lead-acid batteries, electrical apparatus, CDs, light sources and cell phones. Kitchen waste includes raw and cooked foods and other organic wastes. These two kinds of garbage should be disposed in individual bags.

Before you take out your garbage, please classify them first and deliver the garbage to the designated location at the scheduled time. Different areas have different regulations regarding the classification of garbage. Failure to dispose garbage correctly can result in a fine from TWD 1,200 to TWD 6,000. For more information and for garbage collection times and locations, contact your local cleaning squad or environmental protection bureau, or call the special recycling information line.

Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)

Tel:02 2311 7722

Update: 2015 / 04 / 30