Mobile phone

It is possible to bring your own mobile phone and simply purchase a Taiwan number (SIM card). Buying pre-paid cards at the telecom service centers in the Taoyuan International Airport upon your arrival is recommended.

A pre-paid card is recommended for short term visiting scholars. You can get a pre-paid card at telecom service branch offices or at most convenience stores. You will need two forms of photo ID to apply.

If you prefer to apply for a phone plan, you will have to present your ARC and passport and be accompanied by a native guarantor (his/her ID card and National Health Insurance Card are necessary). You need to apply in person at the service branch offices.

The most common telephone operators include:

Making telephone calls

Dialling from Taipei to Taipei

This applies to both Taipei City (臺北市) and New Taipei City (新北市). Simply dial the eight-digit number, e.g. 3366 2007. The area code is not necessary.

Dialling across counties in Taiwan

When making a long-distance call within Taiwan, dial the area code, then dial the number, e.g. to call Kaohsiung: 07 123 4567. The main area codes are:

  • 02 – Taipei
  • 03 – Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Yilan, Hualien
  • 04 – Taichung, Changhua
  • 06 – Tainan
  • 07 – Kaohsiung

Dialling from Taiwan to another country

International prefix code (009 or 002) + country code + area/city code + telephone number.

For example, to make a call from Taiwan to New York, dial 009 (or 002) + 1+ 212 + telephone number. The initial zero of the area/city code is usually omitted when dialling international calls, e.g. the area code for Tokyo is 03 but you only need to dial 3.

The Country Calling Codes website allows you to choose which country you are calling from and which country you want to call. You will then be given the code you need.

Dialling from outside Taiwan to Taiwan

To dial an area in Taiwan from abroad, dial the international dialling prefix for the country you are in (e.g. 00 from the EU, 010 from Japan, 011 from the USA) followed by the country code for Taiwan (886). Proceed to enter the local code without the initial zero (e.g. 2 for Taipei) followed by the remaining telephone number.

Update: 2015 / 04 / 30