Banking and tax

Opening a bank account

Most banks in Taiwan open from 10am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. Most banks offer services such as money deposit, money transfer, currency exchange, and online banking.

On-Campus Banks

  Location Services Contact
Hua Nan Bank 1F of Department of Geography on Golden Rain Ave Money deposit, money transfer, currency exchange, and online banking Tel : +886 (0)2 2363 1478
Fax : +886 (0)2 2363 9657
Chunghua Post Bank 1F of Xiao-Fu Commissary and at the Gongguan MRT Station ( Exit 3 ) NTU Branch
Tel : +886 (0)2 2363 3435

Gongguan MRT Branch
Tel : +886 (0)2 2368 8574

To open a bank account, you have to be there in person.

Please remember to bring:

  • passport
  • Alien Resident Certificate ( ARC; if you are ineligible to apply for one, please apply for ROC ID Number instead )
  • NTU ID or Work Contract
  • legal stamp ( if applicable )
  • a minimum deposit of TWD 1,000

To close your bank account, bring your bank passbook, legal IDs and stamp ( if applicable ).

To apply for an ROC ID Number, please bring your passport and one photocopy of it and fill out an application form at the National Immigration Agency.

ATM Card

It is safe and convenient to deposit, withdraw, transfer money, and check balances at ATMs with an ATM card. If your ATM card is lost, please report to your bank immediately.


Foreigners who work or study in Taiwan are required to file an income tax return every year. The filing starts on May 01 and ends on May 31. Your tax rate will depend on how much you earn and how long your stay is.

Please refer to the website of National Taxation Bureau for the latest rates and regulations.

You can use your ARC to obtain your income tax information from local tax offices and pay your tax online.

Guidelines for paying your income tax can be found on the website of the National Taxation Bureau.

Update: 2015 / 04 / 30