Learning Chinese

NTU has two Chinese Language Programs for international students and scholars. They are the Chinese Language Division (CLD) under the Language Center, and the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP).

CLD and ICLP are independent institutions unaffiliated with the OIA. If you have any questions regarding Chinese learning programs, please contact CLD or ICLP directly for your queries.

Chinese Language Division (CLD) 語文中心中國語文組

CLD runs on a quarter system. Except for the 10-week winter quarter, all other quarters last for 12 weeks. A standard program consists of 12 hour-long sessions per week. You may need to take the placement test if you have learned Chinese before.

Web site
Tel:02 3366 3417
Fax:02 8369 5042
Email: cld222@ntu.edu.tw

International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) 國際華語研習所

ICLP provides individual or group classes. The program is designed for graduate students and individuals whose careers may require extensive use of Chinese.

Web site
Tel:02 2363 9123
Fax:02 2362 6926
Email: iclp@ntu.edu.tw

Update: 2015 / 04 / 30