Family support

Family’s visas

If you’ve family members accompanying you to Taiwan, you need to send their visa application together with yours. Your family, while having no formal proof of employment, will still be able to apply for a visa, for they are travelling with you.

Children’s education

Child care services and schools close to NTU may suit your children’s needs.

Child care, preschool

The Taipei Child Care Resource Center can help you find licensed nurses or nursery schools.


NTU Kindergarten is an on-campus kindergarten where faculty’s children can receive care and education. Register at the beginning of June for enrollment in autumn. ( Tel: +886 (0)2 3366 4428 )

Local elementary schools

If your children can communicate in Chinese, the following elementary schools are close to the NTU campus and provide standard education:

Long An Elementary School

Tel:+886 (0)2 2363 2077

Gong Guan Elementary School

Tel:+886 (0)2 2735 1734

International schools

There are several international schools in Taipei which offer education in English, French, German or Japanese.

International school Language Location ( from NTU ) Contact Remarks
Taipei American School English Shilin District, 30min by car, 50min by public transportation Tel : +866 (0)2 2873 9900
K – 12
Taipei European School English French German Shilin District, 60min by car, 90min by public transportation Tel : +886 (0)2 8145 9007
K – 12
Taipei Japanese School Japanese Shilin District, 30min by car, 50min by public transportation Tel : +886 (0)2 2872 3801
1 – 9
Dominican International School English Zhongshan District, 30min by car, 50min by MRT Tel : +886 (0)2 2533 8451
K – 12
Grace Christian Academy English Nangang District, 30min by car, 50min by public transportation Tel : +886 (0)2 2785 7233
K – 12
Morrison Christian Academy English 600m from NTU Main Gate, 10-15min by foot Tel : +886 (0)2 2365 9691
K – 9

Update: 2015 / 04 / 30